He comes out and I'm peaking out from behind the couch.

Jason: what. Are you doing?... Behind the couch..
Me: sitting in the corner, charging my laptop, eating popcorn next to the open window for heat.
Jason: fair.
Jason knows why I don't have a boyfriend. I'm a house pet kitten. (Yea I live with boys.)

I realized I was more of a hooch when I gave my friend a dress I didn’t want anymore and my friend and her friend were both like, “whoa that slit is really high.”
Got it flaunt it? Nah … I see naked ppl all day long- I’m immune.

Post a picture :p

Man nurse- u always so cheeky. Haha xx

Find me a boyfriend?
Im practically as adorable as Dr Valihiri on The Mindy Project. I need someone to adore me in my layers and layers of colorful dresses over long sleeves and sweater sets. (I don’t own any sweater sets.)

Your new profile pic. #hotdogsorlegs?

Just died from laughing. Mad love.

You know. When. You bump into your attending on the supermarket.
And you both pretend to not see each other.

I don’t. Quite get the thing. About.
How women are going for the Angioedema look.
Like. Did u get stung by a swarm of bees just on ur upper lip? I don’t get it.

Did u guys see that ALS water bucket challenge of Mr President GW?!
Say what you will his presidency. But the man is ADORABLE.

I just realized, I was using my ipad as a foot rest.
I got nothing.

Whenever there is somebody in scrubs at the supermarket…

I have this long dialogue in my mind of whether they are a Dental assistant, med tech, a nurse, an annoying medical student who wants to look cool- and in the rare case- if they look only half-alive a post-call resident

… your dirty cdiff/oral-bacteria sleeve is hovering over the Whole Foods salad bar. Thanks.

I’ve got a collection of loose clothes that are a bit too big on me.. And I’ve not yet rid of them- in the thinking that, “well, if I’m ever pregnant- I probably could wear them.”
Really. I’m nowhere close to pregnant.
And, I should just try clothes on before I buy them.


Dead at 53, Jay Adams

I hate when girls complain about how pretty they are- like how people assume they are ditsy because they are pretty.
Girrrrllll. I got a backhand that will fix that problem right up for you. Just- Keepin it real.

Since my Hgb is 10 usually- I wonder how I’d feel with 4u extra of blood in me.
Like I probably could actually run a mile.
Maybe I’ll take that Iron now.